What object in your life means the most to you? An item that if you lost it but managed to find a replacement, in the back of your mind you would still be disappointed that it was not the original. The Museum of Everyday Treasures is a digital collection of such objects and their associated stories.

Museums exhibit what they believe to be objects with a narrative to tell. Instead of presenting material culture that is considered important by an institution, the Museum of Everyday Treasures asks individuals to tell us the stories of the most important objects in their lives. Usually an item of next to no financial value, these everyday objects are still of high worth to their owners, usually because of their associated stories. Without their stories, these items would seem insignificant and in a museum context they would have very basic labels.

The Museum of Everyday Treasures started out because of a tantrum. I am fortunate enough to have worked within the museum sector for 3 years, but I had been unsuccessful in an application for a position as an assistant curator. The reason that was given was that I had not been an assistant curator, which suggests a vicious cycle of rejection from which I could never escape. After a few hours of feeling sorry for myself I decided that if no one would let me curate a museum I would just have to make my own. There are a few major flaws in this plan; I have no collection, no storage or no finances to create these things. But on the positive side, I do have a fascination in the relationships that people have with ‘stuff’ and the support of a talented video journalist. We decided that we could create a museum digitally.

It’s a slow and steady process, but we have already gathered quite a varied collection, which we hope will grow. We hope you enjoy our museum.